The international Union of Expert Organizations and Certification Bodies “Expert Holding” jointly with the Engineering Supervision Registered Society of TUV Thuringen (Germany) have founded Limited Liability Company “TransTUV”.

“TransTUV” offers service in:

  • Vehicle inspections with the use of diagnostic devices. Its scope of activities contains:
    • safety checkup of vehicles and gas emission inspection;
    • transport vehicle evaluation including damage assessment, court costs;
    • transportation of special and dangerous goods, rendering services for auto parks;
    • environment control and work safety in repair shops;
    • report on the equipping of testing plants and repair shops with diagnostic testers and devices;
    • driving suitability examination for people willing or already having driving licenses, classes C and D and also for passenger transportation;
  • Training of specialists for dangerous industrial facilities and objects;
  • Expert examination on the stages of design, manufacture, assemblage, operation and repair of technical devices at dangerous industrial facilities and objects;
  • Environmental control with regard to limitation of negative industrial impact of dangerous industrial facilities, utilization of industrial waste and vehicles;
  • Examination on engineering solutions connected with industrial safety of manufacture and equipment;
  • Technical diagnosis (examination) of equipment and materials at dangerous industrial facilities by nondestructive testing methods, including noise, vibration, radiation measurements as well as other human factors;
  • Participation in the development of international normative documents.