The International Union “Expert Holding” has acted since 1995 and has become a leading company in sphere of carrying out industrial safety expertise and certification of potentially hazardous equipment that enters the CIS.

The holding joins together large expert organizations of these CIS countries, which have relevant accreditation and governmental bodies’ licenses.

“Expert Holding” cooperates with CIS and far-abroad technical supervision authorities. It has representations in Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Croatia. “Expert Holding” has particularly close links with the authorized technical supervision body of Germany - TUV Thuringen e.V

Jointly with FSUE “VNIINMASCH” of Rostechregulation and ANO “Soyuzexpertiza” of RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “Expert Holding” has created SVE Consortium for supporting contracts for facilities that are under construction or reconstruction in Russia.

On the “Expert Holding” initiative a number of supplier firms jointly with Russian expert organizations have founded the International Academy for Scientific and Technical Cooperation (IA STC) in Germany. The Academy educates specialists in international normative documentation in different branches of industry.

On the “Expert Holding” initiative and by the agreement with Rostechnadzor in 2008 there was created "International league of manufacturers of equipment for industrially hazardous objects" (ANO ILM).

In 2003 “Expert Holding” has become a winner of the “Russian National Olympus” award.

“Expert Holding” is a union of professional people who have shown in practice that
there are no problems that they can’t solve.